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Get Back To Life with WAVE 1!

FREmedica is focused on providing frequencies to help the body achieve better balance by providing strong immune support to the cells. FREmedica has been focused on helping people with Lyme disease to get their lives back since 2016. FREmedica is a wholly owned subsidiary of Frequency Exchange Corp. (FREQ.V)

The WAVE 1 is a wearable frequency emitter that supports the body’s cell function to provide strong immune support. Clients typically report a better state of well-being, lowered inflammation, fewer mood swings, improved sleep, enhanced digestion, sharpened mental acuity and cognitive function, as well as decreased pain levels and increased energy as they move through their day.

Visit our website to learn more from one of our past events. You’ll hear from doctors, Lyme survivors and guests about successes in lessening symptoms of Lyme and discover tools and techniques that dramatically change the conversation around wellness.